We're here to support your journey

We know what it took for you to get here; for you to organize your day and your life so that you could walk through these doors.

We know you have a reason for being here, and we are here to support you on your path.

We know that life is busy; that you’re not sure if you can do this and you’re not sure if you belong… We’ve been there, too. Each and every one of us came to our first yoga class for our own reasons, and each of us had our own doubts and fears; but we’ve joined together in this amazing community to uplift and inspire each other.

You’ve come to the right place. We will support you in achieving things you didn’t even know were possible…you will exceed your every expectation.

We know that it’s hot, and we know the practice is hard; but we also know that if you stay on your mat today, and keep coming onto your mat day after day, that transformation will happen.

We don’t know exactly how or why it works, but it does; we’ve seen it in ourselves, and we’ve seen it in countless students.

You’ve arrived, and we will journey together to this amazing transformation.

~ You belong here.

JOY Membership

Everyone is welcome to take a drop in class, however, becoming a member means you'll have unlimited yoga classes all month long. The key to receiving all of yoga’s benefits and sustaining a successful, life-long practice begins with consistency and patience.

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