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We love to stay connected to our community here in Boulder County, and beyond, by offering lots of opportunities to enhance and grow your practice.

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Deepen Your Daily Practice with Yoga 101, Partner Yoga and Inversions 101 & Beyond!

By Popular Demand! Odyssey Yoga is proud to offer these amazing opportunities every month!

Yoga 101

YOGA 101 with Stacie will be custom tailored to every student who shows up for class - no student is too beginner or too advanced - so bring your questions and your open mind, and get ready to take your practice to a whole new level!

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This series consists of 3 sessions, of which you can take one, two, or all three. Each session includes four 60 minute classes held Mondays 6:30-7:30pm.

Session 1 - Flexibility
You will learn postures, breathing techniques, and tricks of the trade to help you release the chronic and acute tightness in your legs, hips, back, and shoulders. This session will break-down the mechanics of why your body holds on to tightness, and how to safely and effectively open up even your tightest areas.

Session 2 - Strength
You will learn how to be strong on many different levels while holding, balancing, twisting, and breathing your way through challenging standing and floor postures. This session will include in-depth instruction of all postures in a sun salutation, as well as many other familiar postures, and options for modifying and deepening to fit your need.

Session 3 - Breath & Movement
You will learn and practice specific breathing techniques which will then be applied to breathing while flowing through progressively harder and faster sequences of postures. This session will focus on repetition of movements and sequences to build muscle memory, confidence, and consistently strong alignment without over-thinking.

*Each class in each session, and each session in the YOGA 101 series, is designed to stand alone and is not dependent on the other classes and sessions. So if you cannot attend all classes or every session, this is still an incredibly valuable and easy to follow series.

However, the series was mindfully created so that each class and each session builds upon the one before it. The intention of YOGA 101 is to be accessible for students of all levels; to be abundant in usable and personalized information, no matter how many or how few classes are taken; and for the student who takes every class and every session to receive a thoroughly in-depth experience that will be beyond expectation!

$120 - One Session
$200 - Two Sessions ($40 savings!)
$240 - Full Series ($120 savings!!)

Partner Yoga!

1st Sunday of every month, 6:00-7:30 pm
Bonus! Optional 30 minutes of extra play, Q&A (ends 8 pm)

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This is a playful, all levels class, so be prepared to have fun! This is perfect for bringing friends and spouses that don't have a regular practice, as well as experienced practitioners, because we will be modifying for all levels. Come with a partner, or come solo and be partnered up. A great way to get to know your fellow Odyssey yogis!

We will be practicing an evolving array of postures, sequences, and also giving and receiving Thai yoga massage. OHM YUM OHM

Cost: $5 per person with active Odyssey package of any kind
$20 per person without yoga package (drop-in)

Inversions 101 and Beyond!!

3rd Sunday of every month, 6:00-7:30 pm
Bonus! Optional 30 minutes of extra play, Q&A (ends 8 pm)

Join Tiffany in going UPSIDE DOWN! WHOOP!
Now, you know it's going to be fun, it is Tiffany after all...
But mostly this workshop class is designed to give you the confidence to add inversions to your practice.

Have you ever been in class and heard, "option to go into headstand..." And you thought, 'wow, that would be cool, but I don't know how..." ? Well, YOU CAN DO IT!

There will be tons of gems for experienced yogis as well. Such as - What is the foundation of a good, safe inversion? Yes, CORE! Let's bring our upside down to a whole new level!

Cost: $5 per person with active Odyssey package of any kind
$20 per person without yoga package (drop-in)

JOY Membership

Everyone is welcome to take a drop in class, however, becoming a member means you'll have unlimited yoga classes all month long. The key to receiving all of yoga's benefits and sustaining a successful, life-long practice begins with consistency and patience.

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