New To Yoga?

We know that life is busy; that you're not sure if you can do this and you're not sure if you belong. We've been there, too. Each and every one of us came to our first yoga class for our own reasons, and each of us had our own doubts and fears; but we've joined together in this amazing community to uplift and inspire each other. You've come to the right place. We will support you in achieving things you didn't even know were possible. You will exceed your every expetation.

1. What Inspires You?

We know how hard it can be to start and maintain a yoga practice: you have work, family and however many hobbies and obligations. You might also feel like your body might not get into the contortions you see in the yoga media! But something powerful brought you to this website, is prompting you to come in to Odyssey Yoga and begin a yoga practice.

Do you want to de-stress? Sleep better? Fell physically lighter, stronger and more flexible? Are you searching for a space where you are encouraged to be yourself, and find joy and peace in the here and now? Do you want to be held to a higher standard… be held accountable to your greatness? Do you want to surround yourself with a community of like-minded people?

Welcome to Odyssey Yoga… you belong here!

2. Where to Begin?

All Odyssey Yoga classes are all levels, and you are welcome and invited to join any class on the schedule. While all of our classes are purposefully Open and All-Levels, Foundations is a great class for students who are newer to yoga. Odyssey Yoga teachers are well-trained in a variety of lineages, and each teacher brings her or his own unique style to each of our enriching classes.

If you prefer a slower pace and in-depth instruction with the ability to have Q&A with the instructor, check out the Yoga 101 Series with Stacie.

If you would like best to have one-on-one instruction at your own pace, please consider looking into Private or Semi-Private Lessons.

3. What to Expect

Before:Whether you are new to the practice of yoga or just new to Odyssey Yoga, it is normal to feel a bit anxious when taking the first step. Bring a mat, towel and water (or rent/buy at Odyssey Yoga), as you should expect to sweat during your practice (with the exception of Foundations, Restorative, and Kids Yoga). Arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to greet your teacher, sign up for your class and make yourself at home.

During: Yoga is challenging for all of us, all the time. No matter how often or how long you practice, it will always challenge you. When you are new, it seems more challenging simply because it is unfamiliar. It is not uncommon to feel light-headed, fatigued, or emotional during your practice. Trust the teacher, trust the process, and trust YOURSELF!

After: Directly after class, you can expect to have what we call "yoga brain". You may be blissed out, fatigued, sweaty, and more easy-going. Most people find themselves in a great mood and report sleeping exceptionally well during the night after having practiced. You can see why people say yoga is addictive!

4. Studio Etiquette

What makes Odyssey Yoga special is the respect and loving-kindness of the community. Here are a few simple guidelines to make your experience and the experiences of the whole community peaceful, enjoyable and uplifting.

  • Classes begin on-time. If you arrive at the last minute, please move quickly onto your mat in a quiet, mindful way so as to not disturb the opening breath work and meditation.
  • The practice spaces are clean and sacred. Please leave shoes, bags, cell phones and anything else unrelated to your practice in the locker rooms.
  • Sensitivities are heightened in any intense situation, especially in a sweaty, physically challenging yoga class! Please arrive clean and free of any heavy perfumes or other fragrances.
  • Most importantly, the practice of yoga is a personal journey that we share together to deepen the intensity and hold each other accountable to the practice; please honor that space by being mindful of conversations in the practice space. Please join each other in the lobby to create great community and friendships!

We love this amazing community and the inspirational practices we share together… join us on this journey called "yoga"!

JOY Membership

Everyone is welcome to take a drop in class, however, becoming a member means you'll have unlimited yoga classes all month long. The key to receiving all of yoga’s benefits and sustaining a successful, life-long practice begins with consistency and patience.

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