Everyone is a teacher at heart. Each of us has lived through trials and tribulations, experienced an incredible depth of emotion, had successes and losses, and has learned and grown through all of it. We all have wisdom to share, guidance to offer, and passion in our hearts.

This intensive training program is an incredible experience for students who want to dig deep into their practices, as well as for those whose journey is to become powerful teachers and leaders.

Training Overview

We believe teachers are people who see possibilities and potential, and who choose to courageously step forward to offer guidance, wisdom, and encouragement. Extraordinary teachers see that possibility and potential within themselves, and are constantly digging deep, doing the work to heal and grow, and are eager to share the journey with others.

A teacher training shouldn’t just be a set of information, some application of that information, and a number of hours to log; a teacher training should be a rite of passage. This is what we are passionate about, and what we strive to create for our participants.

Our format for facilitating transformation and empowering extraordinary teachers:

  • Intensive Format

    Breakthroughs don’t happen during moments of ease, comfort and convenience; they happen when you test your limits of physical and mental focus. Our training is specifically designed to show you how strong, resilient, powerful, and capable you are. When you discover that within yourself, you begin to see it in others; when you exceed your own expectations, you are empowered to teach others to exceed theirs.

  • Targeted Anatomy & Hands-On Training

    All anatomy and bio-mechanics taught in Odyssey training programs is focused for yogis. It is our priority to educate and empower our participants to leave the training confident teachers, and a big part of that is teach usable and relatable knowledge. We will accomplish this through yoga-specific book work, demonstrations, organic and spontaneous Q&A discussions, and extensive hands-on assisting (both giving and receiving). This format will yield immediate results to your personal practice, and will transform how you see your students.

  • Mentorship DURING Training

    After completing the 4 Teaching Intensive Weekends in the style of their choosing, participants will begin a mentorship journey that is unique to Odyssey. We have regular community classes for our training students to teach, and training faculty members will practice with them and give valuable feedback and coaching. Participants can also request to assist training faculty members, in which they will receive coaching, feedback, and incredible teaching insight.

  • Weeklong Immersion – off-campus

    The cornerstone of Odyssey Yoga’s teaching program is the Weeklong Immersion. This is your opportunity to join fellow teachers-in-training, who are on the same journey as you, and leave the distractions of everyday life behind to truly immerse in the process. Together we will practice powerful classes 2-3 each day; engage in philosophical discussions about lessons drawn from the Yoga Sutra; unravel the mysteries of chakras (energy centers), nadis (energy channels), and prana (life force) in our bodies; cultivate daily practice of meditation, pranayama (breath control), and bandhas (energy locks); and we will dig deep within ourselves with self-inquiry and group exercises that will empower each of us to be open, connected, and authentic.

You will not find another program like this. We have meticulously crafted Odyssey’s teacher training program to balance the importance of immersion with the practicality of busy work/life schedules. This format, when combined with our Mentorship Program and emphasis on personal development, makes Odyssey’s training truly exceptional.

Upon completion of all required modules, participants will receive a Yoga Alliance certification that goes above and beyond industry standards, and they will have the experience and confidence to go out into the world as teachers.

Plan Your Training

Choose Your Style of Yoga
4-Weekend Teaching Intensive (100 hours)

The training begins with your commitment to dive into four consecutive Weekend Intensives in your preferred style of yoga. This month will be the foundation of your 200 hour Teacher Training, and during these weekends we will:

  • Break down the alignment of each of the postures you will learn to teach; see demonstrations and learn modifications

  • Learn basic anatomy and bio-mechanics as they relate to practicing and teaching yoga asana safely and effectively

  • Receive assists and feedback for your personal practice

  • Learn the science behind the sequencing of classes, and learn to create your own classes

  • Practice teach each posture and progressively longer sequences

  • Do important self-inquiry work to create confidence and help you speak with power and authenticity

  • Receive coaching and feedback during practice teaching, and have abundant opportunities to teach

  • Learn to see the people in front of you, and learn how to guide them towards their potential

  • Do daily yoga classes to strengthen and deepen your personal practice

Applied Anatomy + Assisting (25 hours)

During this Weekend Intensive you will first focus on important applied anatomy lessons with an esteemed guest teacher, doing book work and group exercises, and participate in discussions. You will learn how to use your knowledge of anatomy to cue and assist safely, and to be able to teach in a way that transforms your students’ practices.

Once we have a solid understanding of anatomy and bio-mechanics, we move into learning and practicing safe, effective, and empowering hands-on assists. You will watch demonstration, receive the assists to feel them in your own body, and then practice them on different body types. It is incredible how much feeling the posture move will inform how you see and teach your students.

Mentorship Program (5+ hours)

The foundation of being a confident and powerful teacher and leader is EXPERIENCE. Our training program is unique in that participants lead our regularly scheduled Community Flow class during the training process. A training team member will mentor you before and after class, giving coaching, encouragement, and teaching feedback immediately following class. This will give you the tools you need to have direction, improve your technique, and will fast-track your ability to go out and start teaching in the community.

Weeklong Immersion (75 hours)

Your training will culminate in an off-campus Weeklong Immersion. We take our training group to a beautiful Colorado location that is convenient to drive to, yet distinctly away from “real life”: you will practice, eat, sleep, and play with your training tribe. No distractions, just yoga. It is invaluable to dive into your practice and studies in an immersive way; and as an added benefit, you get a mini-retreat! Eat healthy meals prepared just for us, practice yoga and meditation multiple times a day, soak in mineral baths, read sacred texts that inspire the soul, and participate in self-inquiry exercises that could potentially be the catalyst for radical self-healing and growth. The Weeklong Immersion will end with a graduation ceremony to celebrate you, our group, and the incredible experience we shared!

Choose Your Style

When you are first beginning your teacher training journey, dive into the style of yoga that makes your personal practice come alive! Every yogi has a style, rhythm, and intensity that appeals to them – body, mind, and spirit. That is where you start. Teacher training will immerse you into that system, deepening your personal practice, and giving you the tools you need to not only transform yourself, but also share your passion with others.

As you continue on your teaching journey, you will be ready to expand your yoga horizons and dive deep into a different style of yoga. It is incredibly valuable to your teaching to be able to communicate in different ways, empathize with your students, be able to create unique and specialized sequences, and have the qualifications to teach multiple styles of yoga classes. Yoga studios love teachers who are adaptable and have a broad understanding and mastery of yoga – it’s like being fluent in multiple languages!

We love all styles of yoga, and we are passionate about offering multiple styles of practice to our community. Whichever training path you choose, you will have an incredible journey that will fill you with knowledge, experience, and inspiration.

  • Vinyasa Flow

    Learn to intelligently sequence and powerfully lead different levels of Vinyasa Flow yoga classes, from gentle all-levels to Power Yoga.

  • Hot Yoga

    Master the core 26+ Bikram-style series, and learn to confidently lead 60 and 90 minute versions of Hot Yoga classes.

  • Restorative + Gentle Yoga

    Learn to create gentle Hatha classes, Yin classes, and Restorative classes, and be able to effectively take a class into deep relaxation.

Upcoming Trainings
Training Team

Stacie Finucan


RaeAnne Roseman


Tiffany Monroe


Jennifer Brennan


Brenda Smith


Stacie Finucan

(Owner & Teacher)


Stacie Finucan has been a passionate and full-time yoga teacher since 2004 when she graduated from the Bikram Yoga College of India teacher training. Along with her family, Stacie opened Solar Yoga in Longmont, CO in 2006 and embarked on the journey of being a studio owner, manager, teacher trainer, and TEACHER! Stacie is most inspired by Baron Baptiste, with whom she has trained 500 hours and is certified by and assists. Any class you take with Stacie, no matter the class style or postures taught, will be full of inspiration, insight, laughter, sweat & tears, and all students will leave her class feeling that it was created just for them. Stacie's classes are filled with lessons learned from so many wonderful teachers, and lessons learned from everyday life. Stacie begins each yoga class with the joy and eagerness that comes from knowing that something great could happen, and probably will! You will be challenged to reach your greatest potential on all levels: physical, mental, and emotional. Come prepared to sweat, laugh, breathe, and find a stillness deep within yourself... and Stacie will come prepared to do the same!

RaeAnne Roseman

(Office Manager & Teacher)


One of RaeAnne's greatest gifts is her awareness and understanding of when to challenge students to go further, and when to encourage students to back off. When RaeAnne is teaching in the room, she is completely present and aware of what is going on with each and every one of her students; she empowers each of her students to become the best that their bodies and minds will allow in that moment. When you practice with RaeAnne, you will feel loved for who you are, as you are, and you will walk away from each class feeling strong and inspired.


RaeAnne's teaching journey began at Samadhi Center for Yoga & Meditation, where she completed a 250HR Hatha Yoga training that focused on many different styles of yoga practice, including restorative and therapeutics. Shortly after, RaeAnne eagerly sought out more training to deepen her own practice as well as her passion for teaching others; she has taken Therapeutic and Restorative training workshops with Judith Hanson Lasater, and Baptiste Power Yoga Trainings and workshops. She is now a certified Baptiste Teacher, having completed Level I & II & III Teacher Trainings. RaeAnne holds a Baptiste 750HR Certification. She has attended The Art of Assisting program & Apprentice with Baron Baptiste and is now working her way through the FIT To Lead program with Baron Baptiste.


RaeAnne is outgoing, fun and free-spirited; she loves the outdoors, slack lining and snowboarding. When she is not in the yoga room or on the mountain, you can find RaeAnne spending quality time with family and friends, which of course includes her gentle giant English Mastiff dogs.



Tiffany Monroe


Tiffany is a proud student of Baron Baptiste, and has completed both levels of the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute's teacher training series. She also completed the Assist Training with Gregor Singleton and Claire Este-Mcdonald, where she deepened her knowledge of hands-on adjustments and anatomy.


Although the Baptiste Power Vinyasa lineage is her first and truest love, she finds great joy in practicing with many different teachers in many different styles bringing a rich variety of philosophy as well as asana into her own teaching style.


Tiffany's own practice changed her life, giving her insight into her life's calling and helping her discover her own unique gifts. This is what she hopes to help others find in themselves. It is her most humble desire to hold a space for her students on their journey to finding their true selves.


Together, with the aid of a committed yoga practice, may we become freer and freer every day.


When you come to Tiffany's class, be prepared to be REAL with yourself, LAUGH and ENJOY the process. "You can't be funky if you don't smell funky." -P. Funk

Jennifer Brennan


Jennifer specializes in the Restoration and Evolution of YOU! Be prepared to indulge in an hour of self-care. Each class is an offering to meet yourself just as you are. Leave the idea of "doing" at the door as we experience delving into, simply being. You will be invited to explore the deeper landscape of self and uncover the innate joy that lives within. With her warm, friendly, down to earth style, you will be nourished as we move thru the Anjali Restorative Yoga Spinal sequence. With the use of supportive props, gentle music and essential oils. Enjoying the benefits of weaving together rest, relaxation and self- inquiry. You are sure to leave class and re-enter your life feeling more clear, integrated and in a refreshed state.


2007 was the beginning of Jennifer's yoga journey. Finally responding to a subtle feeling that was present for years to try yoga. Her first class was amazing, difficult and humbling. She discovered that yoga was a gateway to allowing life to unfold and evolve from within.


Her first studies were completed in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Dana Julius. In 2009 she trained with Shannon Paige and was certified in Anjali Restorative Yoga® and Tattva Elemental Healing®. In 2011 Jennifer was introduced to the most profound practice yet… iRest Yoga Nidra®. Studying with her teacher and founder of iRest, (Integrative Restoration) Richard Miller PhD. She is delighted to be sharing this research based, ancient practice, that has been adapted for modern times. In 2014 she completed the intensive certification process and is now one of five certified iRest Yoga Nidra Teachers in Colorado.


Along with her passion for teaching in both groups and privately, other loves include: Enjoying her boys, being a Hospice Volunteer, hiking, scuba diving and spending time in her home state of Montana.

Brenda Smith


Originally from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Yoga, teaching, health and fitness have always been a part of her life in some way! Competing competitively in high school and college in both track and cross country taught Brenda early about body awareness and becoming more efficient and effective overall as this awareness is increased. At University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where Brenda earned her undergraduate degree yoga became a crucial addition to her life as she desired to continue to run…without a yoga practice it was quickly discovered that injury was much more prone to happening! Taking several Iyenger classes at UWM gave Brenda a solid foundation from which to grow. Since then yoga has just grown for Brenda, not only in asana practice but in everyday life…you don't just do yoga, you live it!! :)


In 2004 Brenda Moved to CO, taking her first ever Bikram yoga class…90 minutes; 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises later she felt "right". She attended the Bikram yoga teacher training in the spring of 2010 and has been teaching ever since. "It has been such a valuable gift to share this practice with people of all sorts", she states! "It can work for all types of bodies and people, making it one of the most therapeutic practices ever". Brenda has helped beginners and advanced practitioners alike change their lives in so many ways: from rehabbing and healing injured athletes, to helping addicts give up what controls their lives; from helping others regain self-fulfillment to unveiling what a "painless" life can be.


In addition to teaching yoga Brenda is a wife, mother of two, an assistant teacher at a public Montessori School, and an avid athlete. Her love of activity and life organized around nature will guarantee you find her running, biking, hiking, or even camping in the mountains quite often. She is truly passionate about life and all that it can be if you only set your mind to it!!


She hopes to find YOU, on YOUR mat giving back to YOU, very soon.


"In order to be the best that you can be for others you have to take care of oneself first!"