Hot 60 (60 minutes)

This 60-minute Hot Yoga practice will take you through one set of the core 26 Hot Yoga postures. An all-levels class that is great for beginners and students who prefer the depth gained from stillness and repetition; this class takes you through a vigorous practice that is gentle on your joints and promotes detoxification and healing. The room is mindfully heated, so be prepared to sweat! (hot room – 100-105 degrees) 


Hot 90 (90 minutes)

A slow, deep practice that clears the mind, cleanses the body, and leaves you with an all-over serenity that comes from combining tremendous effort with complete surrender. This practice takes you through the core 26 Hot Yoga postures; be prepared for full heat, stillness during and between postures, and nothing but the sound of your breath and your teacher guiding you through. You will be amazed at how strong and flexible you can become! This 90-minute class follows the traditional Hot Yoga series with 2 sets of each posture. (100-105 degrees)


Hot & Restore (60/90 minutes)

This class incorporates our 60-minute classic Hot Yoga practice with an optional 30-minutes of deep holds and deep breathing to open chronically tight areas of the body. By adding postures not practiced in the core 26+ series, dedicated Hot Yoga practitioners will begin to unlock new layers to their existing practice; and all students will experience the bliss that comes after a vigorous, sweaty class followed by deep stretching. Come for the Hot – and stay for the optional Restore to discover how much deeper you can go into your core 26 postures with the addition of these intense and rejuvenating hip & shoulder openers. (100-105 degrees)


Core Flow (60 minutes)

A fun and challenging flowing practice that is great for all levels. Just breath, movement, and sweat! Each class is taught with a variety of sequences to challenge and empower you in a warm and inviting space, so that you can simply get on your mat, do your work and leave completely revitalized. This 60-minute class will work your core and upper body, and prepare you for deeper posture variations, arm balances, and inversions. (heated room) 


Power Flow (90 minutes)

This 90-minute practice will get you energized and empowered! You will build amazing strength and stamina with this quick-moving flow that will take you into deeper posture variations and give you opportunities to practice arm balancing and inversions. It is recommended that you have previous experience with Flow Yoga classes. Come ready to work and play hard, and take your practice to the next level. (heated room) 


Flow & Restore(60/90 minutes)

This class begins with a 60-minute creative and rhythmic all-levels Flow, and seamlessly shifts into an optional 30-minute Restorative sequence. Each class is designed to help bring you out of your thoughts and into the moment, first by flowing postures, and then by holding deepening postures that open the hips, shoulders, and spine. After 60- or 90-minutes of meditation, music, and movement in our warm room, you will leave inspired, uplifted, and thoroughly cleansed. (heated room) 


Gentle Flow (60 minutes)

A slower practice developed to offer a slower and more fundamental approach to yoga. The class will include breath work, strengthening poses, balancing poses, and relaxation techniques, all the while focusing on the specific needs of the individuals in the class. All are welcome, especially those who want a slower-moving, less vigorous introduction to yoga in an unheated space. This class is great for every body type and every experience level. (unheated warm room)


Yin Restore (60 minutes)

This deep, challenging, and restorative class is just what you need to open your body and clear your mind. Yin postures dive deep into hip opening, heart opening (back bends), shoulder opening, and gentle twists. In this class, your body and mind will be challenged with deep holds as you move through a handful of floor postures that will leave you energized and revitalized. Expect to release chronically tight areas of your body and dramatically increase flexibility. (unheated warm room) 


Deep Restore (60 minutes)

An amazing gentle stretch, deep relaxation, and guided meditation class that will challenge you to surrender and let go of all your physical, mental and emotional stress. This class will lead you through long holds in simple floor postures with the support of blocks, blankets and bolsters. During the poses, you will be guided into a state of yogic sleep known as Yoga Nidra. Come experience the pure bliss and joy of letting your body -and mind- go deep into postures with total support and relaxation. (unheated warm room)