At Odyssey, you are getting a unique experience: we are a small, local studio with real connections + down-home vibes, that also offers a big studio experience with spacious rooms, state-of-the-art heaters, and an abundant schedule.

Our community is a vibrant, down-to-earth group of real people and incredible teachers who are coming together to get on our mats, do the work, and make a real impact in our lives.

Our signature Hot Yoga and Flow classes are hot + sweaty, and you will be challenged body, mind, and soul. We will sweat together, laugh together, cry together – this is yoga family! That is what makes the OY experience incredibly powerful; we support each other, work hard, enjoy the process, and get real, life-changing results.

All our classes are designed to clear your mind and ask you to dig deep, because that is where your transformation begins. Whether you are dripping with sweat in a balancing pose, cracking open your heart in a dynamic backbend, bowing your head in surrender during a deep hip opener, or drifting into yogic sleep with Yoga Nidra, you will be asked to go beyond what you thought was possible. We are in the business of exceeding expectations.

You are going to fit right in; practicing at Odyssey is like coming home. All you must do is show up, commit to the process, and allow yourself to be amazed.